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Hack your Wii :)

Hi all,

I hacked my Wii today and now I can play videos and mp3s from my WHS (windows home server) it was easy and painless here are the links and videos I used.

1. to hack your Wii go here (You will need an SD card less 4gb):

    here is the video walk through I used:

2. I would next suggest you softmod your Wii so you can do all kinds of other things:

    here is the video walk through I used:


and of course major props to all the hackers that figured this all out, you all rawk!!

Equipment coming and current status

Long time no post, but things are about to get a lot more interesting now. Made a huge order of stuff:

  • 2nd EZ-Robot full kit
  • Shapeoko 3D CnC mill
  • Various pieces of test equipment which I will post the building and reviews up as I get to do them.
  • Complete setup of all the pieces to make the Ardurover from
  •  And hopefully my printrbot will come in very soon also

I have decided on trying to use the arduino/EZ-Robot/Artixbot controllers for as long as I can till I outgrow the languages. July is going to be busy but quite fun. :)

This should make Easter a bit more interesting. :)


Easter Island

Roosbots is born

Hi All, This is the first post from Roosbots, Roosbots will be my personal blog in my quest to make a humanoid robot to transfer myself into. Lots of different technologies will be covered and discussed here. I’m not insane I’m determined as those that know me will tell you. Welcome to my world as soon enough it might be your world too.